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For the title, I wanted something music-related, as it plays an important role in their relationship. It was her beautiful singing voice that Kaito fell in love with, and in turn, Lucia's songs were empowered by her love for him ♥ The title comes from Yamashita Tomohisa's Love Song, which is a song about lost love and wanting a second chance to try again~ ♪ In the song, he sings about never being able to forget about this girl, and how he realized that he will never meet another girl like her again. Likewise, Kaito and Lucia fell in love as children, and seven years later, have never forgotten and await the day when they will meet by chance again ♥

Version 4 Boy Meets Mermaid features one of my favorite images of these two~ I love how sparkly and adorable it is! ♥ I also wanted to include the black and white silhouette image of Kaito and Lucia when they first met and fell in love as little children~ this cute image always stuck with me X3 The quote on the design comes from a line from Lucia's image song, Splash Dream, which is a song about diving into your future and living for love ♪ I thought this particular line was so beautiful, because Lucia was prepared to confess her love and identity to Kaito, even though she knew she would turn into sea foam if she did.


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