Nanami Lucia

NameNanami Lucia 「七海るちあ」
BirthplaceNorth Pacific Ocean
BirthdayJuly 3
Blood Type0
Hobby:Singing, making bead jewelry
Favorite Color:Pink
Favorite Food:Shrimp
Favorite Subject:Home economics
Dislikes:Math, raisin
Ideal Guy:Someone who will protect her

Nanami Lucia is the pink mermaid princess of the North Pacific Ocean kingdom. Her name means Light of the Seven Seas. She is a kind and cheerful mermaid who always thinks of others before herself.

Lucia is told that in order to reach adulthood (which is thirteen in mermaid years), she needs her pearl, which she gave to a human boy she saved seven years ago. So she goes up into the human world and takes up residence at the seaside hotel, Pearl Piari, along with Hippo, her penguin, and Nikora, her older sister. In reality, they need the pearl back to fight the mysterious dark force threatening the peace of the ocean world.

Once she settles into the human world, Lucia immediately falls in love with Kaito, the charming surfer who turns out to be the same boy she rescued in the past! She wants nothing more than to confess her true love to him, especially after she finds out that he is in love with her mermaid self ♥ But if she reveals her mermaid identity to him, she will turn into foam! So she will have to get him to figure it out on his own, but she also wants to try win his heart in her human form too ★

She takes on three different forms: her normal mermaid self, her human form, and the idol Pink Pearl Voice. With her pearl, she transforms into Pink Pearl Voice and uses the power of her beautiful songs to blast the bad guys away.

Her best friends are Hanon and Lina, fellow mermaid princesses who managed to escape into the human world after the villain Gakuto and his Dark Lovers attacked their kingdoms. Together, the three mermaid princesses plan to gather the other four mermaid princesses to summon Aqua Regina, the Goddess of the Ocean, to finally seal Gakuto and restore peace in the ocean.