Domoto Kaito

NameDomoto Kaito 「堂本海斗」
BirthdayNovember 2
Blood TypeB
Hobby:Surfing, snowboarding
Favorite Color:Blue
Favorite Food:Stew
Favorite Subject:Physical education, math
Dislikes:Social studies, bell peppers
Ideal Girl:Someone who is honest

Domoto Kaito is the wildly handsome champion surfer, and all the girls are in love him. But he never lets anyone get close to him, and he is famous for not accepting chocolates from any girl on Valentine's Day.

He has lived on his own ever since his parents, who were famous musicians, died when their ship was caught in a raging storm seven years ago. Kaito only survived because a young mermaid was there to rescue him and bring him to shore, and he has never forgotten about her.

When he meets Lucia, the cute new transfer student in school, he recognizes a resemblance to his mermaid, but brushes it off. He finds her fun and sometimes strange, and begins to develop strong feelings for her.

But he can't forget about his mermaid, and wears the pink pearl she gave him around him on a necklace. During a surfing competition, a sea monster captures him for the pearl he holds. However, the mermaid from his childhood suddenly reappears, and he gives back her pearl, enabling her to use its power to defeat the monster. She brings him to shore, and they are both happy to finally meet again ♥

When he sees his mermaid again one night at the beach, she sings a beautiful song and gently whispers to him, Search for me... His heart is being torn apart, and he can't seem to choose which one he loves.