Boy Meets Girl... Again

Seven years ago, Nanami Lucia gave her pink pearl to a boy to save his life. Now, she needs her pearl back so she takes on a human form and goes up to the surface world to find it.

While walking along the beach one beautiful morning, she can't take her eyes off an amazing surfer riding the waves. When he comes up to shore, she sees his handsome face up close and sees a resemblance to the boy she rescued in the past! She innocently blurts out, Have we met before?, and the surfer asks her if she is trying to hit on him. She is super embarrassed, and tells herself that there is no way this carefree boy is the same boy she is looking for.

He then tells her to come and see him at the surfing competition this coming Sunday, and charmingly says, I'll be waiting for you ♥ After she blushes and leaves, he takes out a necklace holding a pink pearl, and mutters to himself, No way that was her... right?

Lucia then goes to class and introduces herself as the new transfer student, and takes a seat next to Domoto Kaito, the surfer she just met this morning! He asks her again to come see him at the surfing competition, and she blushes as she mumbles out a reply.

On Sunday, she ends up going to see Kaito at the surf competition, at the encouragement of her classmate and new friend, Hanon, who helped her pick out a sexy new bikini to wear today. Kaito comes to the rescue when Lucia gets unwanted attention from some boys, and tells her she looks cute in her bikini... but that he personally prefers something a little more revealing ♥

Kaito with Lucia's pearl
Kaito still thinks about his mermaid after all these years, and keeps her pearl around him on a necklace when he surfs. He is blowing away the surf competition when the wave suddenly drags him underwater and a sea monster holds him captive. Lucia panics when he doesn't resurface and dives in to search for him in her mermaid form, but she is overwhelmed by the powerful waves of the enemy. When he sees the mermaid from his childhood reappear before him, Kaito returns her pearl and she transforms into Pink Pearl Voice, and sings her way to victory.

She brings him back to to the shore and cries, just like she did seven years ago. She is happy that he kept her pearl after all these years, and starts to sing for him. When he regains consciousness, he tells her, It was you after all... You saved me again. He comments that she is crying just like when they first met, and that he's happy to finally meet her again as they both hold on to each other ♥